The man who was listening to Fred Buscaglione’s music

The man who was listening to Fred Buscaglione's music

This man was listening to some really old music. Since I enjoyed the song I asked him what it was and he said, “Oh this song is from another age.” Afterwards a young lady joined the conversation too and tried to guess the singer: “Is it Modugno?”. As the man heard that guess, he took the CD in his hand and prowdly showed it to us.
Read the awesome story of this Italian artist:

“Alongside his legacy in songs and movies Buscaglione deserves mention for having encouraged musicians and singers from the newer generation (the one influenced by the earliest forms of rock and roll) to stand up against the conservative producers and discographers of the time, demanding recognition for their art and their style. In this role he proved instrumental in the rise of the “yellers” scene which from the early 60s started to revolutionize the Italian popular music panorama.”

I wish Italian music was still as good as it used to be from Reinassance to the death of Fabrizio De André.


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