“I was 18 when I was forced to enlist in the Soviet Army and fight war in Afghanistan. I was lucky enough to have studied before, so they just made me repair airplanes and I managed not to kill anybody. But one day I was coming back to our base camp and saw something horrible: my comrades, who were carrying gasoline, had been shot and everything exploded. I could see heads on one side and arms and legs on the other. When I came back home I was forced to keep my mouth shut about it, because it was a military secret. That memory has been haunting my dreams every night, making me wake up all nervous and sweaty. Now, when I see coffins filled with soldiers, wives and babies crying on TV, I ask myself, why?!…why?! If they are not forced to join the army, then why do it? For the money? For what? Kids want to be with their dads, they don’t want money. I don’t want to kill you and you don’t want to kill me. We have only had the curse of being born in two different countries, but we are the same…”

This is the official wordpress blog of Humans of Rome, an effort to create a photographic census of Rome, one street portrait at a time.

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