“I began working in my father’s typography workshop when I was eleven, because he didn’t have money to pay for my education. I learned a lot from him. Things like solidarity, respect and integrity. Our father-son relationship was more like a friendship.
When I came home from military service, I found out that he was ill. He died soon after and I decided to go travel with a friend of mine. When we were camping I met a girl called Patrizia, who became my girlfriend. She was a very rich girl from Milan – her dad owned five factories. I went to Milan with her to meet her father, but he wasn’t happy at all about me dating his daughter. I was too poor.
So he secretly made a deal with me: I could date his daughter only if I started working in his factory. I told him to go to hell.”

This is the official wordpress blog of Humans of Rome, an effort to create a photographic census of Rome, one street portrait at a time.

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