“I was a lawyer back in Ukraine. I didn’t like it but my dad desired that I should study law. I didn’t like going in the prisons to talk to criminals, because I was too good at spotting someone else’s lies and it felt horrible. I’ve always believed in the truth and that job made me lose faith in humanity. I remember this case in particular: a woman supposedly committed suicide. I asked her husband if he could think of a reason why she did that and he gave me an answer. I felt that he was lying. I followed my method: I asked him the same question a few days later and noticed how his answer changed slightly. I convinced the police to further investigate on him. In the end he was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in jail. He told me he would kill me when he got out of jail. Now I’m in Italy doing a modest job and I’m much happier.”

This is the official wordpress blog of Humans of Rome, an effort to create a photographic census of Rome, one street portrait at a time.

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