“I grew up in a farm in the italian countryside, south of Rome. During the ’60s I escaped the mandatory military service, because I hated wars, weapons and marches… I ended up driving a cab in London. A few years later a client told me to pick up an item from a warehouse. To my surprise, it was a gigantic phallic statue. I had to carry that thing to the other side of London, and deliver it to the set of ‘A Clockwork Orange’. That was the first time I worked for Stanley Kubrik, and I didn’t even know it. Stanley came to know about my brief experience in car races, and asked me to become his personal driver. We became friends, and he assigned me all kinds of tasks because he trusted me. He taught me to be a professional, to never settle, to be attentive to details.”

This is the official wordpress blog of Humans of Rome, an effort to create a photographic census of Rome, one street portrait at a time.

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